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For the most cost-effective asbestos removals call on Santa Barbara's longest certified asbestos removal contractor.

Our experience allows us to offer the highest quality work for the lowest costs, minimizing your asbestos removal costs. Remove asbestos popcorn ceilings, asbestos floor tiles, and insulation quickly and cost-effectively.

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Santa Barbara’s Longest Certified Asbestos Removal Contractor

General Contractor Mark Lee, owner of Pearl Bay Rainbow, is the longest licensed and registered asbestos removal contractor in Santa Barbara and the entire Tri-County region.

Mark is a preferred asbestos removal contractor for The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara. He has handled asbestos removals for some of Santa Barbara's finest, including The Granada Theatre, The Biltmore, and the Santa Barbara Historical Trust, and is highly regarded for his asbestos abatement planning and his efficient asbestos removals.

We also provide Asbestos Testing, Lead Paint Testing, & Lead Paint Removal.

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Our certified contractors safely remove your asbestos

Removing asbestos popcorn ceilings, asbestos tiles, or insulation safely requires carefully preventing hazardous releases of fibrous asbestos which can create significant, long-term health risks.

Fully eliminating these health risks requires an experienced, trustworthy, and properly equipped, certified asbestos removal contractor like Pearl Bay Rainbow to perform both your asbestos mitigation planning and the actual asbestos removal itself.

Our highly experienced crews use highly advanced mitigation and abatement techniques augmented by state-of-the-art air sampling, on-site analysis, and employee monitoring technologies, ensuring a happier and healthier environment for all.

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Asbestos In Homes Needing Asbestos Removals

Asbestos has found many construction uses over the years, both as an insulator and a fire proofing material; uses such as asbestos exterior stucco, asbestos insulation, asbestos acoustic ceilings, asbestos floor tiles, asbestos mastic under linoleum, asbestos drywall joint compound, and/or asbestos roofing binders and asbestos shingles.

The Federal EPA began to ban some sprayed on asbestos products in the 1970′s, however many other asbestos-containing building products and insulation materials continued to be commonly used in commercial buildings and residential home construction thereafter.

Until 1986 many asbestos containing products weren′t even required to be labeled as containing asbestos.

Not until 1989 did the EPA announce the beginning of a seven year phased ban on many asbestos-containing building materials.

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