Asbestos Testing Services

When you need testing to determine if your home or business contains asbestos, trust the professionals at Pearl Bay Corporation Santa Barbara to quickly deliver clear, authoritative and comprehensive asbestos testing results.

Making sure your home or business is tested for asbestos is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from health, economic, and statutory risks.

We know now that asbestos contamination poses a potentially serious environmental threat, but in the past inspections for asbestos contamination were not always routine.

If you are concerned about the potential for asbestos related hazards and risks in your home or business, arrange certified asbestos testing now by contacting us today.

If testing reveals asbestos contamination we can remove the threat of asbestos exposure completely by providing asbestos removal services, mitigation project planning, and abatement oversight.

We also provide Lead Paint Testing and Lead Paint Removal services.

Asbestos Facts & Guidance

The California Department of Public Health and the EPA both recommend a practical approach to asbestos, emphasizing that asbestos material should be identified and properly managed. Don't rip it all out in a panic, they advise, but don't ignore it either, since it's definitely not risk free.

If the asbestos in your home is in good condition, intact and sealed away, then usually the best thing to do is to leave it alone. Yet asbestos that is more than slightly damaged, or that crumbles easily (known as friable asbestos), or has been powered by being sawed, scraped, or sanded, may release asbestos fibers which when inhaled into the lungs will remain there for a long time causing an increased risk of asbestos related diseases, including lung cancer and mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the chest or abdomen.

Because of this you should find out whether asbestos materials are present in your home or business before remodeling or making repairs that may disturb asbestos materials. If Asbestos is present then the project should be handled by a Cal-OSHA registered Asbestos Certified Contractor, like the owner of Pearl Bay Corp., Mark Lee, the longest licensed and registered asbestos contractor in the Tri-County region.

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Potentially Asbestos-Containing Materials (Per California Dept. of Public Health fact sheet)

Cement pipes, Cement wallboard, Cement siding, Asphalt floor tile, Vinyl floor tile, Vinyl sheet flooring, Flooring backing, Construction mastics (floor tile, carpet, ceiling tile, etc.), Acoustical plaster, Decorative plaster, Textured paints/coatings, Ceiling tiles and lay-in panels, Spray-applied insulation, Blown-in insulation, Fireproofing materials, Taping compounds (thermal), Packing materials, High temperature gaskets, Laboratory hoods/table tops, Laboratory gloves, Fire blankets, Fire curtains, Elevator equipment panels, Elevator brake shoes, HVAC duct insulation, Boiler insulation, Breaching insulation, Ductwork flexible fabric connections, Cooling towers, Pipe insulation (corrugated air-cell, block), Heating and electrical ducts, Electric panel partitions, Electrical cloth, Electric wiring insulation, Chalkboards, Roofing shingles, Roofing felt, Base flashing, Thermal paper products, Fire doors, Caulking/Putties, Adhesives, Wallboard, Joint compounds, Vinyl wall coverings, and Spackling compounds.

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