Foundations Settling? Breaking? Shifting? Shattering? We can help!

Hi tech foundation repairs can restore your damaged structural foundations without needing to resort to demolition.

Buildings settle. Historical buildings sometimes settle by full inches over time as the underlying soil compacts, and soil density variations can allow one area to compact more than others, leading to very unsettling settling of the foundation, pilings, caissons, slabs, and footings under a building, resulting in foundation cracks, structural breaks, and foundation gaps.

As the building's foundations shift, the building itself begins to shift to some extent as well, in some cases leaving one corner of the building significantly lower than the adjacent corners, with further complications arising as various portions of the sinking foundations and the building each shift different amounts, leading to drops forming not straight lines, but complexly segmented curves, leaving increasing gaps between the foundation footings and the building's base plate structure that should be solidly resting upon the foundations, and often causing cracking walls, cracked slabs or sunken floor slabs, uneven sloping floors, jamming sticky doors, windows that stick, and tilting chimneys.

Foundation damage like breached walls and foundation gaps can cause even bigger problems.

Foundation Damage can show as broken slabs, cracked walls, chunks shedding from the building's skin, gaps appearing around windows, doorways, trim edges and baseboards, shifting and tilted concrete stairs, all of which are not just problems themselves, but may well lead to further progressively worsening problems as well.

Not just un-level floors, sticky doors and windows, but problems like Dry Rot, Mold, and Termite Exposure risks.

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Not too long ago the only answer to foundation damage like this would have been to call in the bulldozers and wrecking crew to demolish everything, foundations included, then clear, compact, and grade the lot and start over anew, loosing not only a small piece of history, but the value of the structure, and possibly least desirable of all, invoking the need for drawing up a full set of new architectural blueprints and construction plans, filling and awaiting permits, processing the project past numerous levels of board approvals, and all the rest of the complications of planning and building a new building in historic Santa Barbara.

Today however there is an amazing high tech solution which allows Pearl Bay to restore your building's underpinnings, stabilizing damaged foundations, and producing a new solidly firm and level foundation, WITHOUT needing to "level it' by demolition first.

To begin the process, a series of new support points is established closely around the building's edge, each reaching down to a footing depth that modern structural engineering and geological science agree offers sufficiently load-bearing solid footing to support the building.

New support points are then be created either by drilling in a series of screw-like supports known variously as “Screw Piles,” “Helical Piles,” or “Helix Piers,” or by creating “Caissons,” deep foundation supports constructed by placing fresh concrete and reinforcing steel (rebar) into drilled shaft holes.

Heavy-duty steel brackets are then attached to the foundation and connected to hydraulic or pneumatic jacks placed atop each new support point around the building's edge. Carefully calculated, computer controlled pressure increases then adjust the jacks' heights in a subtle and complex symphony, allowing the building to be lifted smoothly and gradually until precisely leveled, whereupon a new concrete foundation is then poured, linking the new firm footings to the existing foundations, permanently establishing the building's newly leveled height with the new foundation.

Once this solidly leveled foundation is reestablished the rest of the building renovations can proceed on a solid footing: preserving, remodeling, or even adding on rooms.

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