Three Story Flood in Senior Housing Restored by Pearl Bay Rainbow

"...thank you for your recent excellent service, calm demeanor, and ability to interact with our insurance company..."

   ~ Friendship Manor's Executive Director Dan Herzog.

Friendship Manor is a non-profit charitable retirement community serving roughly 230 seniors living independently in a three story buildings constructed about fifty years ago.

Three apartment were water damaged when a third floor tenant turned on the water in the sink, forgot it was filling, and went to bed.  By the time they were woken by tenants below, who were being subjected to water spilling through their ceilings, water had flowed down through three stacked apartments and into a garage below.

The water had flowed throughout the unit upper unit, soaked through the floor, wet two units immediately below, and then flowed into the garage below them, requiring extensive restoration processes.  Visible water damage appeared in the lower apartments' ceilings and walls, saturation water damage in all three apartments' floors, the public hallways outside of each unit, the lower areas of adjacent walls, and various contents were saturated.

Pearl Bay Rainbow surveyed, photographed, and labeled all contents, large and small, and then packaged them safely for transport off-site to our bonded warehouse where the contents were inspected for loss-related damage, and either declared not-recoverable, unrepairable or not cleanable, and added to the "Cashout Report" with an assigned reimbursement value subject to cashout; or were cleaned, repaired, and boxed for temporary bonded storage until the conclusion of the building restoration process, whereupon they were returned to the original locations.

After emptying the premises of all contents, the mitigation process included efforts to dry out all building materials affected by the water damage, and the demolition and cleanup of all excessively damaged elements in preparation the rebuilding and restoration of the damaged premises.

Due to a prompt response the water damage did not generate any observable mold in the interstitial spaces called “stud bays” or “ceiling bays”, a common risk when drying is significantly delayed.

The presence of the hazardous and regulated material Asbestos, known present in the sprayed-on acoustic texture covered drywall ceilings, and potentially present in the vinyl floor tile or linoleum in each affected bathroom required the job be handled by a Certified Asbestos Removal Contractor, like Pearl Bay, and required notification to the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District, who waived the two week waiting period and fees upon proper request.

Pearl Bay Rainbow then performed a turnkey "Buildback" remodeling, providing labor, equipment, and materials to rapidly restore the premises to pre-loss occupancy condition, handling all required plans, permits and related tasks.

In the Packback phase the tenant’s possessions were returned, the labeled and contented listed boxes for unpacking and redistribution, the furniture reassembled and placed where requested.

As Friendship Manor's Director Herzog points out, "Emergencies such as these require great attention to logistics and dealing with displaced and upset residents.  Getting the work done efficiently and quickly along with open lines of communication helped keep the disruption to a mimnimum."

Pearl Bay Rainbow was happy to assist Frienship Manor through their recent crisis, and will be glad to help you with yours, adding you to our growing list of cheerleaders, like Friendship Manor's Executive Director Dan Herzog.

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