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Pearl Bay Historic Restoration Remodel Including Carpentry and Paneled Ceiling

Historic building renovations focus on restoration and preservation, bringing historic buildings back to their former states of glory, producing renovated structures designed to respect, retain, and restore the building's original historic character for future generations’ enjoyment, like Pearl Bay’s historic restoration remodel of the church roof shown here.

Since Historic Building Conservation is more about fostering a deep appreciation for famous structures and why they exist, rather than just keeping historic structures standing tall and looking as beautiful as ever, true historic building preservation aims for a high level of authenticity, accurately replicating historic materials and techniques as much as possible, ideally using modern techniques only in a concealed manner where they will not compromise the historic character of the structure's appearance.

The first step in any historic renovation, especially one involving both remodeling and historic restoration, is researching the structure's history, looking particularly for old photographs, floor plans, and other documentation which can help the historic renovation to stay true to history.

In some cases, where research determines parts of a building have been changed or destroyed, it may be appropriate to restore the structure to its original designs, reversing alterations for structures which have been substantially altered since built.

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Historical Restoration of Santa Barbara Historical Trust Building performed by Pearl Bay Corp.

Our renovation team examines the structure to determine what needs to be renovated while identifying building characteristics to preserve in restoring the building's original appearance.

Evaluating how the restored structure will be used enables us to determine the most effective renovation options to retain the building’s historic integrity while incorporating any desired energy-efficiency measures, and meeting ADA accessibility, fire-code compliance, and earthquake safety requirements, like we did for the Santa Barbara Historical Trust building shown here.

Our experience as Santa Barbara’s longest certified Lead Paint Removal and Asbestos Removal Contractor simplifies many historic building restoration renovation projects, while our extensive experience with fire, water, and mold damage restoration increases our efficiency addressing the structural restoration of historic buildings, including restoring damaged foundations.

Our historic renovation process includes everything: from the planning and permitting approval process, through sourcing historically appropriate salvaged or replica materials, to consulting with structural engineers to confirm the structure's safety or recommend the best ways to strengthen the structure without drastic changes, thereby meeting the building and safety codes without compromising the historic integrity of the structure, effectively changing the internal structure to make it stronger and more durable but without changing the way it looks on the outside. In other words, planning literally how best to keep our history intact and historically accurate.

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Addressing the complexities of the additional planning and permitting required to comply with local officials and historic preservation districts while performing your Historic renovations can be tricky without the help of an expert like our founder, Mark Lee, with his 40 years experience restoring and renovating Santa Barbara's finest.

Mark's team has performed historical preservation renovations for such local historical landmarks as The Granada Theatre, The Biltmore Hotel, Trinity Episcopal Church, The Santa Barbara Historical Trust, and numerous others.

We know the specialists to consult to oversee all aspects of your historic renovation, the architects and contractors who are familiar with structures from the same period, enabling them to accurately mimic building techniques used when the structure was built, and more effectively conceal modernizations such as installing or replacing electrical systems, putting in a more efficient heating system, using energy efficient glass in vintage window frames, and so forth.

Understanding the importance of preserving our historical buildings, we foster a love for these great monuments and enjoy providing Historic Building Conservation Services to preserve our architectural history.

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