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Pearl Bay Corporation, Serving Santa Barbara Since 1978, and Rainbow International of Santa Barbara together form Pearl Bay Rainbow: Custom Turnkey Design Build Builder, Remodeler, Historical Preservationist, and 24/7 Building Damage Restoration Service.

Flooded Basement Damage Restoration

Providing Flood Protection Using Rigid Foam Insulation for Basement Waterproofing and Closed Crawl Space Creation

Restore your property to it’s safe, clean pre-loss condition at highly competitive prices, quickly, and efficiently.

When flood waters rush into your basement from trapped storm run-off, roof leaks, plumbing failures, or a backed up sewer, fast action can often significantly reduce your damage's severity.  When your basement and substructure are water soaked and deeply saturated by a permeating leak, quick Water Damage Mitigation can reduce your overall property damages by preventing ongoing water damages from corrosion, structural rot, and the risk of mold related damages.

Regardless of the flooding's source, the structural dry-out should begin as soon as possible because if the absorbed water and increased humidity in the building aren’t immediately controlled, then there is a growing risk that previously undamaged parts of the building's structure, including wall spaces and crawlspaces will in a short time become permanently damaged by the moisture they are absorbing\ from the air, surrounding waterlogged objects, and structures.

Pearl Bay Rainbow of Santa Barbara can enclose your crawl space for you with rigid foam insulation with exceptional water resistance sprayed onto the interior crawl space walls.  This forms a chemically modified insulation system enhancing moisture damage resistance with a seamlessly continuous waterproofing and damp-proofing vapor barrier preventing evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space, while providing long-term thermal insulation performance, highly compressive strength reinforcement, and improved fire performance.

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A well soaked and flood inundated basement, cellar, or crawlspace, if left untreated, will soon lead to damaged and moldy walls, warped and twisted flooring, moldy subflooring, and crawlspaces, as well as odor problems, for structural components that were immersed, but not dried out quickly enough or thoroughly enough, can both spread their moisture and soon become mold infested, causing a later need for professional mold removal services.

Significant Flooding Needs More Than Mere Surface Drying

To prevent the devastating ongoing and progressive damage that can result from the full immersion of substantial and penetrating flooding we use state-of-the-art Rapid Structural Drying procedures to remove the soaked-in water that has penetrated through your basement walls and floors, seeping and percolating into structural members and subflooring, and often eventually causing extensive damage to not only your crawlspaces but even to rooms above.

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Our technicians use enhanced state of the art and Rapid Structural Drying technologies to thoroughly dry things out as quickly as possible, treating the penetratingly intrusive moisture that’s been absorbed by the entire structure, even to its very core, not just the obvious surface moisture.

Our water damage professionals use high tech moisture meters allowing us to locate moisture lurking hidden behind or within walls, floors, and built-in cabinetry, or otherwise invisible, thus guaranteeing that not just some, but all the wet materials present have been totally and completely dried.

Our flooded basement water damage repair, basement restoration, and basement flooding solutions don't just remove the visible surface water in your basement, we find, clean, dry, and repair all your flooded basement's water damage, providing you not just a mere flooded basement cleanup, but a full basement restorationof your water damaged basement.

Emergency Rapid Response Water Mitigation Service Available 24/7/365 ~ Call 805-966-1480

Because we understand exactly how important quick action is in the face of a flooding emergency, Pearl Bay Rainbow's efficient professional staff are on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide quick emergency response.

Whatever damage you may have suffered; our top priority is thoroughly restoring your home or place of business, as efficiently as possible, and thereby allowing your day to day activities to resume quickly, with minimal interruption.

You can even let us entirely handle your contents cleaning, and restoration for you, as Pearl Bay Rainbow provides complete pack-out services. We can carefully and respectfully pack-up the contents of your home or business for delivery to an off-site bonded storage facility for a prompt, thorough cleaning and restoration process.  Our pack-out proceedure includes full photo documentation and creation of meticulously detailed lists for insurance purposes, including all items' identification numbers, thereby ensuring your items receive the best possible care.

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