Pearl Bay Corporation, Serving Santa Barbara Since 1978, and Rainbow International of Santa Barbara together form Pearl Bay Rainbow: Custom Turnkey Design Build Builder, Remodeler, Historical Preservationist, and 24/7 Building Damage Restoration Service.
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24/7 Flooded Bathroom Restoration

Get Clean & Dry NOW! ~ Stop Mold BEFORE It Starts!

Seriously Flooded Bathrooms Need Thorough Drying to Prevent Mold Problems

When water or sewage floods your home, due to a leaky plumbing fixture, a broken pipe, or a backed up sewer, curing the water damage and preventing further water and mold related damages calls for quickly and thoroughly drying out your water soaked and deeply saturated property.

As bathroom restoration contractors, we know that if you delay the clean up after flooding, in a surprisingly short time the untreated water seeping to both the structure and its contents, can cause far more damage, progressively rendering the building more and more structurally damaged, more and more odor filled, and eventually lead to it becoming uninhabitable.

Fast action can significantly reduce the severity of your flood damages, by preventing further damages due to corrosion, staining, or both. Items that might otherwise be easily cleaned or restored may be utterly destroyed if drying, restoration, and contents cleaning is delayed, and it is important as well to prevent mold related damages by stopping the risk of mildew and mold development before it starts.

24/7 Water Damaged Bathroom Restoration

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This wet bathroom cabinet was left undried, leading to mold growth and mildew odors.

The ever increasing risk of visible mold growth has a new significance since the Oct. 9, 2015 signing of SB655 which added a new California Health Code Violation defining "Visible Mold Growth" as a substandard housing condition comparable to a lack of Hot and Cold Running Water, rendering a unit into an untenantable condition and requiring lessor to repair mold damage, so it is important that bathroom water damage or sewer damage cleanup and professional emergency restoration services begin as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Our Rapid Structure Drying techniques dry your flood damaged building out as quickly as possible, rapidly drying out the entire structure, not just the wet carpets, treating ALL the deeply penetrating moisture that’s been absorbed by the entire structure, not just removing the surface moisture but even removing the hidden moisture lurking within walls, under floors, and in built-in cabinetry. Our vacuum dehydration equipment enables us to restore hardwood floors, save saturated built-in shelves and cabinets, and even dry inside walls, thereby reducing the need to tear-out and replace water soaked materials, while still thoroughly eliminating the moisture which would otherwise enable future mold growth. We can even restore mold damage if for lack of prompt action mold and mildew may have become a problem .

Whatever damage you’ve suffered, or how far the flood waters have spread; our top priority at Pearl Bay Rainbow is efficiently restoring your home or place of business, quickly allowing you to resume your day to day activities with minimal interruption.

Pearl Bay Rainbow offers bathroom and building restoration and contents packout restoration cleaning services to help you recover from bathroom flooding in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Isla Vista, and throughout the Tri-Counties of the Central Coast.

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Highly effective infra-red cameras aid in detecting the extent of leak penetration. Digital moisture meters help us track the leaking water’s flow quickly and easily.

New technologies let us quickly track the source and flow of flooding, far more easily and less intrusively than in the past.

Using infra-red cameras and high tech moisture meters our restoration professionals can track the hidden water’s flow and locate moisture hidden in walls and built-in cabinetry that might be otherwise invisible untill too late.

Contents Cleaning and Pack-Out Services Available.

Pearl Bay Rainbow also provides complete pack-out services, so let us entirely handle your contents cleaning and restoration for you. We will carefully pack up the contents of your home or business and take them to an off-site facility for prompt and thorough cleaning and restoration.

Our contents management and pack-out service provides photo documentation and meticulously detailed lists, including all identification numbers, ensuring your items receive the best possible care.

Exceeding Customers’ Expectations!

Pearl Bay Rainbow’s equipment, experience, and expertise allows us to fully satisfy all your home or commercial renovation needs.

Our philosophy of providing excellent workmanship with a timely and courteous manner, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations, all while providing quick, quality home and commercial reconstructions has made us many clients’ preferred restorer.

Our Client Reviews show how highly our services are appreciated. Pearl Bay Rainbow’s word of mouth referrals lead to our becoming a preferred restorer for both the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara and of Santa Barbara County, as well as the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

Dale Fathe-Aazam, The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara's Director of Property and Development speaks highly of thehelp we have provided:

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara ... has been contracting with Pearl Bay Corporation Inc., for biohazard cleanup, water restoration, mold restoration and asbestos abatement. ... a great company ... readily available, very professional and ... they know their business well and have always delivered to our expectations.

We are able to recommend Pearl Bay Corporation based on our experience in doing business with them for the past four years.

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Get Clean & Dry NOW! ~ Call 805-966-1480

Pearl Bay Corporation, Serving Santa Barbara Since 1978, and Rainbow International of Santa Barbara together form Pearl Bay Rainbow: Custom Turnkey Design Build Builder, Remodeler, Historical Preservationist, and 24/7 Building Damage Restoration Service.

Why 24/7/365 Emergency Water Mitigations Services?

The reason we advise urgency in treating your water damage is because if the water seeping into the structure and increased building's increased internal humidity are not controlled immediately, then frequently valuable contents, decor, and even structural elements which were left undamaged by the original flood can be permanently damaged in a surprisingly short time by moisture absorbed from the air, from standing water and surrounding water-soaked objects and structures.

Ignoring a soaked and soggy carpet, soon leads to water damaged moldy walls, floor boards warping, subflooring mold growths, water damaged ceilings in lower floors or crawlspaces, and utterly ruined furniture and furnishings, as items that were not dried out quickly enough or thoroughly enough, begin both spreading their moisture and become mold infested, causing a later need for professional mold removal services to return the space to habitability.

As Soon As You Detect Damaging Leaks,

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Our restoration techs use state of the art Rapid Structural Drying methodologies, drying things as quickly as possible, treating both the surface moisture and the penetrating moisture absorbed into the structure's very core.

Infrared cameras, moisture meters, and moisture mapping technologies allow our water restoration teams to measure and track the water's source and the locations of hidden moisture pockets without the need for the destructive investigations of yesteryear, while allowing us to locate moisture lurking invisibly in and behind built-in cabinetry, your walls, subfloors, and ceilings, to guarantee that all wet materials have been totally and completely dried, not just some.

This technology allows our quickly establishing a precisely accurate picture of the water damage's extent, verifying the progressive removal of all the absorbed waters, measuring and documenting the entire process, from initially determining water’s spread through the tracking the drying process’ progression, to certifying the final dried state deep within and behind the building’s structural materials.

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