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Water Damaged Hardwood Floors CAN Be Saved!

Don't Delay! Rapid Restorations Are Easier Restorations!

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Hardwood floors dried in place eliminates the need for removing the old flooring and saves you and your insurance company the expense of reconstruction.

The days of automatically ripping out and replacing water damaged hardwood flooring are long gone, IF restoration professionals are allowed to work with the wet floor before extensive cupping and buckling occurs.

If water damaged hardwood flooring is treated soon enough it can be completely dried in place with our advanced drying methods and returned to its pre-loss condition without the need for demolition and reconstruction of the floor, in some cases even without refinishing.

Our Injectidry system saves your wet wood floor using powerful dehumidifiers and a high-pressure vacuum blower hooked by a series of trunk lines and small tubes to a network of panels taped on the wet floor area. The vacuum draws dry air through the small grooves on the bottom of each floorboard, drawing the moisture from below through the gaps, effectively drying the boards.

Kitchen wood floors dried in place eliminate the need for removing the old flooring and saves you and your insurance company the expense of reconstruction.

If restoration professionals work with the wet floor before buckling occurs the floor can usually be saved with no damage whatsoever, as the only briefly wet cupped floor will flatten as it dries and the finish typically does not have to be redone.

However, buckling typically occurs within the first day or day and a half, as nails begin pulling through the wet floor boards, inevitably signifying severe damage is being done.

Floors subjected to moisture for longer than a day and a half have good chance at flattening out the cupping, but there is still an increasing possibility for cupped boards. These soaked floors will typically dry out well, but will almost certainly need to be refinished.

Remember, prompt action is the key as flooring that has been wet longer is less likely to be fully recoverable, and wood flooring soaked for more than three days poses such a more difficult dry out process that it has far less of a chance for successful restoration in place.

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