Proper, Timely Water Damage Restoration Now Will Prevent Mold Growth Requiring Mold Damage Restoration.

Mold growth and mold damage found hidden in wall due to previous water damage improperly dried.

A client contacted us regarding an increasingly strong moldy smell in their living room and kitchen area. They had had an extensive flood in the area a while back that they thought they had dealt with appropriately, but sadly had not. The visible mold growth in the walls clearly showed where excessive moisture in the drywall had been ignored.

Our Mold Removal Technicians rapidly identified the extent of the mold infestation.Mold had spread throughout the kitchen and living room walls which had been incompletely dried after becoming saturated during the flood and Mold had also become entrenched under the floating flooring of both kitchen and living room, and the adjacent storage space under the stairs.

Mold Damaged Kitchen Prior to Removing Mold

Extensive Repairs Can Result from Ignoring Water Damage

What once should once have been nothing more than a simple drying job, now instead required extensive reconstruction, including removing and replacing sections of walls, kitchen cabinetry, and flooring, as shown in these pictures.

Mold Damaged Kitchen After Removing Mold Damaged Wall Boards Due To Improperly Dried Prior Water Damage

Visible mold growth has a new significance since the Oct. 9, 2015 signing of SB655 which added a new California Health Code Violation defining "Visible Mold Growth" as a substandard housing condition comparable to a lack of Hot and Cold Running Water, rendering a unit into an untenantable condition and requiring lessor to repair mold damage, so it is now more important than ever that water or sewer damage cleanup and professional restoration begin as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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