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Asbestos Removal Santa Barbara ca

Asbestos Removal Santa Barbara

Quick, cost-effective asbestos removals by Santa Barbara’s longest certified asbestos removal contractor.

Our experience allows us to offer the highest quality work while minimizing your asbestos removal costs.

We remove asbestos popcorn ceilings, asbestos floor tiles, and insulation quickly and cost-effectively. 

Asbestos Removal Estimates

 For an Asbestos removal estimate from a certified Asbestos consultant, call (805) 318-5357 today

Mold Restoration

Santa Barbara Mold Removal Remediation

Our rapid mold removal remediation repairs at highly competitive prices allow your day to day activities to resume with minimal interruption.

Our mold remediation services prevent reoccurring mold damage problems by removing both the visible mold and removing hidden mold in walls, floors, and ducting.

We first identify and eliminate the mold growth’s moisture source. We then carefully enclose and seal off the mold damaged work areas to avoid contaminating of the rest of your home with mold spores stirred up during the mold removal process.

Once we have formed our containment area, we use HEPA filters to clean the air of mold spores as we remove the mold infected materials, efficiently eliminating the current mold infestation while preventing its return.

Content Restoration Services

Our professional mold damage remediation crews can further simplify your life by handling the entire contents cleanup with our contents restoration services packing out damaged contents for off-site cleaning and restoration.

​Mold Remediation and Asbestos or Lead Paint Removal

If your mold damaged areas have asbestos containing popcorn ceilings or lead paint issues, that will significantly slow other mold removal companies, but won’t slow our progress, as we are the region’s longest certified Asbestos Removal and Lead Paint Removal contractors.


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Why Off-Site Content Cleaning and Restoration?


When your home or business suffers significant damage it is quicker, easier, more secure, and far more cost-effective to pack up the damaged area’s contents for delivery to an off-site restoration location where your items can be housed in a secure, climate-controlled environment as a thorough cleaning and restoration process is completed.

Our pack-out process emphasizes the importance of quickly salvaging all recoverable contents before the damages multiply. Our contents team conducts a meticulously inventory, complete with detailed photo documentation and logging all identification numbers, both ensuring your items receive the best possible care and fulfilling the essential requirement of promptly and completely documenting all of your irrecoverable losses for your insurance team.

After cleaning and restoration, content items are returned to your home or business, guided by the documentation created in the pack-out process.

off-site mold damaged restorations in Santa Barbara ca